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The end of learning is action rather than knowledge
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Welcome to Changeworks, a small consultancy with a big impact. We work with individual leaders, teams and whole systems to create organisational cultures that are highly effective and highly ethical.

Organisations are fundamentally social and communal and, in an era of hyper-connectivity, their boundaries are more permeable, their practices more visible and their reputations more fragile. New approaches to culture and leadership are required. Traditional command/control leadership styles may achieve short term gains but they rarely address long-term reputation. Each task, each job, every project needs a conversation. Results happen through collaboration. Over time we grow an informal network of trusted relationships. We learn who is approachable, who we can talk to, who to go through and even who to go around, to get our work done. It is this flow of experience, knowledge sharing and trust across the informal network that determines our flourishing and the organisation’s productivity. Yet informal networks are not always working for good. Establishing the fine line between collaboration and collusion is an important issue in our hyper-connected era.

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What is Your Ethical Literacy?

Did you know that we all have different Ethical Literacy styles? That we use different assumptions about our choices and decisions and reactions to events that occur based on our preferred implicit code of values and principles? Some people make decisions based on assessments of care for others or of implications for character; others on the basis of duty or consequences.