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04 |  Strategy Facilitation

Strategic thinking is defined as the longer term, big picture view of the organisation and WHAT its purpose is. The purpose is outlined in the broad aim (or vision) and it accompanying objectives.

Being strategic means identifying the many pathways that can be simultaneously designed to achieve the vision and purpose of the organisation. It requires all parts of the brain, the rational logic side as well as creativity, innovation and holistic thinking to formulate an integrated perspective of where the organisation is heading.

There is both strategic thinking and strategic planning.  While strategic thinking is about the WHAT – creating a vision and purpose for the organisation – strategic planning is about HOW to achieve this. Too often companies focus on the latter and do not spend enough time addressing strategic thinking.

Changework’s strategy facilitation is less about planning and more about strategic thinking. It includes experiential processes that help the synthesis of ideas, accessing intuition and creativity and aiming to formulate an integrated perspective, a vision of where the organisation should be heading and what the organisation needs to do well to achieve this.