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02 |  One to one Coaching


Organisational Coaching is a well-researched action learning process for bringing about constructive and lasting change for individuals and groups. It involves a series of one-to-one conversations designed to assist individuals and groups to learn and maximise their capacity to perform and contribute fully to the strategy of the organisation.


  • Enhance leadership by improving communication and people relationships
  • As a sounding board for ‘C’ suite leaders and Board members
  • To further develop EQ and SQ, basis of wise decision making
  • Learn to make good decisions in the face of complexity
  • Cultivate the art and science of difficult conversations
  • Onboarding new members and in the step up to a new role
  • Develop political savvy
  • Work through major life/work issues
  • A sounding board for difficult strategic issues
  • Learn the art of mediating conversations


The Changeworks approach has been developed from over 15,000 hours of coaching people and teams in organisations as well as over 10 years teaching others to coach. Our approach is founded in theory and research and we have all contributed fully to the growing field of coaching through research and publications.

Coaching is a series of solution-focussed and reflective conversations. Through coaching a person will clarify and strengthen the connection between their role and potential, and the purpose, vision and strategy of the organisation they work in.

Our approach includes:

  • A reflection-to-action process in service of the coachee,
  • Deep listening deeply and honouring the problems faced in everyday work,
  • Maintaining the balance between challenge and support,
  • Reflects back the connection between purpose, values, strategy and action
  • An independent sounding board space for senior executives and board members,
  • Empowers a person to move towards learning and action.
  • Enhances productivity and complex decision making
  • Facilitates and monitors learning, change and action.
  • Leads to people make changes quickly.
  • maximises performance and has a flow-on effect into the organisation.


The engagement is established on mutual understandings between the coach, coachee and the organisation about the purpose of the coaching.

  1. One-to-one Coaching (this is adapted depending on the client):
  • Initial contact with the sponsor of the coaching and a contract
  • If appropriate a three-way meeting between coach, coachee and sponsor to establish the common goal and purpose of the coaching
  • A series (6-10) 1-hour sessions, reflective learning and follow-up.
  • If appropriate a three-way completion session with coach, coachee and sponsor.
  1. Team coaching
  • Initial meeting with sponsor to establish purpose and goals
  • One-to-one interviews with all team members
  • Presence at a team meeting with observations about the approach
  • Feedback to sponsor and team about the approach
  • Establish a common model for change and common language and intervention preferences.
  • Attend 6-10 meetings.
  • Completion with team.

3. Workshops: A Coaching Approach for Leaders

Only 36% of Australian leaders are seen as being effective (DDI).  For 60% of those it is because they ignore relationships. Yet enabling the success of subordinates is the key role of leaders

Relationship is not just courtesy and pleasantries. It is about being honest and reflective, with sensitivity and compassion. More than speaking and telling, it means questions and listening, to begin seeing things in new ways, other people’s ways. Leaders who adopt a coaching approach are effective in these skills.

A Coaching Approach offers a sounding board and it challenges: listening, not passively, but to elicit new possibilities, the potential hidden by the taken-for-granted routines of everyday working life.Using a coaching approach with reports and a team encourages talent; introducing stretch goals and a new, often liberating, understanding and basis for action.

A Coaching Approach to Leadership is one/two day experiential program that teaches leaders to adopt a coaching approach in their leadership. This program is targeted, practical and people will leave the day able to immediately adopt the skills in their workplace.