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The end of learning is action rather than knowledge
Who we are

Welcome to Changeworks, a boutique consultancy with a big impact. We work with individual leaders, teams and whole systems to create organisational cultures that are highly effective and highly ethical.

Organisations are fundamentally social and communal, and, in an era of hyper-connectivity their boundaries are more permeable, their practices more visible and their reputations more fragile. New approaches to culture and leadership are required. Traditional command/control leadership styles may achieve short term gains, but they rarely address long-term reputation. Each task, each job, every project needs a conversation. Results happen through collaboration. Over time we grow an informal network of trusted relationships. We learn who is approachable, who we can talk to, who to go through and even who to go around, to get our work done. It is this flow of experience, knowledge sharing and trust across the informal network that determines our flourishing and the organisation’s productivity. Yet informal networks are not always working for good. Establishing the fine line between collaboration and collusion is an important issue in our hyper-connected era.

What we do

Our approach is based in the philosophy and practice of Collaborative Action Learning.  Whether we are consulting, coaching, facilitating, mediating or researching, we work with you to translate what we do and our knowledge and experience into you environment. We believe that people all go to work to do the best they can and that everyone can learn and change. Our role is to partner with you to bring about the learning change that is right for you and your environment.

‘Collaboration by Design’ begins with a Social Network Analysis to identify the black holes and bottlenecks in the organisational network. We then work with leaders to enhance the flow of productivity across the whole value chain by identifying key cultural influencers and engaging them in collaborative actions to design and achieve the shared future.

Collaborative Leadership’ programs are designed around the principle that a leader’s success depends on the people s/he leads, succeeding. This means an authentic and responsive mindset and the personal skills to invite others to build vibrant organisational communities. Our customised programs draw on the 4 M’s of Collaborative Leadership; Membership – inspiring belonging, Mindfulness – self awareness, Mobilising others to engage, and Moderating difference to enhance creativity and diversity.  Our programs include a series of short action learning workshops interspersed with coaching and teamwork.

‘Wise-Up’ is our new offering that aims to build healthy risk cultures in organisations. ‘Wise up’ draws on the recent work in moral psychology, behavioural ethics and complex decision making to bring together a practical approach to developing moral awareness, self-regulation and wise decision making. The program begins with the ‘collaboration by design’ process to identify the informal cultural patterns of collaboration and potential collusion and explore the alignment between the key cultural influencers and risk champions.  Interventions are then designed in collaboration with the client and the risk champions, to fit the situation.

‘Teamwork by Design’  assists organisations to grow High Performing Teams. The High Performing Team has strong internal integrity as well as an external focus to invite diversity and innovation.  Our collaborative action learning approach includes facilitated short skills burst sessions interlinked with ongoing coaching and support.  Through this is built the characteristics of a HPT –  high trust and commitment as well as a clear purpose and mutual accountability.

Coaching Approach to Leadership’ workshops are delivered through our collaborative action learning approach. They include a simple model for a coaching approach, when to coach, how coaching fits into workplace conversations as well as questioning and listening skills and basic feedback and performance management skills.

One-to-one coaching is at the heart of all our work. In today’s action-oriented and complex organisational environments, senior leaders require a space to step back and reflect, to be challenged to step outside habitual ways of doing things and to consider how to be the best they can be in their current and future roles.

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